It's an Eclipse plugin which installs and is up and running in a couple of minutes. If you've installed other plugins before using the Eclipse update manager you can probably skip this video.

Watch the video to see how to get AgileJ StructureViews up and running.


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Getting Started

because paper is no longer the goal

You can print, you can export to png or svg, but within Eclipse you get the benefits of

  • synchronization from the views in the IDE
  • navigation along lines - the key to code structure exploring
  • navigation history
  • incremental find
  • navigate to the code

Watch the video to see how AgileJ StructureViews is built for Java programmers who need to find their way around existing code.

Watch the video to see how to get AgileJ StructureViews up and running.




Class diagrams are useless if they try to show too much information all at the same time. Our competitors typically include only a rudimentary set of filtering options (fields or methods, public protected or private, etc). We provide filters which see the code the way you, the Java programmer, do.

Java specific - Exceptions, Serializable, Annotations, Deprecation (UML is blind to these)

Design patterns - singleton, builder, decorator

Library specific - Spring, Hibernate, JPA, Android

Watch the video to see the power of AgileJ's filtering in action.


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The full version of AgileJ StructureViews includes a batch and browse function. Batching intelligently searches your project for groups of related classes which would make a meaningful class diagram.

The class diagrams are indexed, and can be viewed in your Eclipse IDE.

Watch the video to see how we are shaping the future of code structure visualization.




The amazing thing is that the output of a batch can be viewed with a browser, at which point our GWT component kicks in and delivers the same level of interactivity (navigation and filtering) as you get in Eclipse.

Watch the video to see how simple it is to publish the results of a batch and how effective the resulting diagrams are for communicating the structure in your Java code.



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