We like to give our reverse engineering tool a real good thrashing before we release it. And to prove this we feed it with millions of lines of open source Java. The results can be accessed from the list below, and we host tens of thousands of class diagrams so you can get a feel for how well AgileJ StructureViews handles real-world industrial-scale projects.

Thousands of class diagrams ready to browse

Just click below to see AgileJ StructureViews in action. Rather than give you a few cherry-picked examples we have run our class diagram generator over tens of millions of lines of open source Java.

We hope you like the honesty of this approach, rather than cherry picking a few example diagrams you can get a true picture of what to expect from auto-generated class diagrams on your own Java project.

All class diagrams were auto generated. The classes which are assembled in each class diagram, the layout of the classes and the line routing are all fully automatic.

Pick a project. Pick a class diagram from the index page and select GWT. What you see next is close to how our class diagrams look in Eclipse. You can right click for context menu, zoom with the mouse wheel, and hover for more info. Best of all, you can edit the filter script.

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