Purchasing AgileJ StructureViews Full Version (Batch and Browse)

This product can also be purchased from Component Source who are an authorized reseller for AgileJ

$55.00 per seat + sales tax where applicable

Before we take you to the checkout we just need some information about who will use the software, as distinct from the person making the purchase.

The name of the single user, or, for multi-seat licenses, the head of the team.

The email address of the single user, or, for multi-seat, the email address of the head of the team. The license will be sent to this address.

The name of your company, government department, or 'personal' if for a personal project.

A single seat license belongs to an individual, while a multi seat license belongs to a team. Contact us if you need a site license.

We are required by law to charge sales tax at 20% to customers located in the European Union.

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