Creating a new class diagram batch

Right click on an open project in the Eclipse Package Explorer and select: New-Other-AgileJ-Batch

Selecting which projects to include

class diagram generation

Whole projects can be included/excluded from the batch run. With the checkbox Also restrict population to selected projects unchecked class diagram seed types will be sourced from the selected projects only, but the whole workspace will be used to complete the population of the class diagram. For example, where a class diagram is populated by inheritance, although the seed must originate from a selected project, the generated class diagram may also include supertypes from unselected projects. Hence to restrict both the seeding and the populating to the selected projects choose this option.

Note that this is a coarse filtering mechanism for filtering of seeds and population which is applied in addition to the type filters described below

Class diagram generators

class diagram generation

There are four class diagram generators:

  • Package a class diagram for each package containing the types found in the package
  • Inheritance a class diagram for each type containing its subtypes and supertypes
  • Composition a class diagram for each type showing it and its field types
  • Dependency a class diagram for each type showing its dependency types

There is a wizard page for each generator. Each generator initializes the filter script in the class diagrams it generates.

Seed type filter

The creation of a class diagram is triggered by the discovery of a qualifying class or interface, known as a Seed Type. By default, all types declared in source code are seed types. To control which seed types are used press the 'Choose...' button to pick a different type filter.

Population type filter

Each class diagram generator builds a collection of qualifying types related to the seed type. The population type filter controls which relatives are included. Press 'Choose...' next to the population type filter to change to a different type filter.

Filter Script

There is as default filter script for each class diagram generator. Edit the filter script to override the default filter script and generate class diagrams with your own customized filter script.

Parent folder

output folder

The batch data is create in a new folder called batch which is located off the parent folder you specify.

  • Click Browse... to select a different parent folder or project.
  • Select Clean the war staging folder before running to empty the batch/war/data folder. The only reason you would not want to clean the batch results is if you have manually edited the class diagrams created in a

Use of the Eclipse IDE during batch running

The length of time for which your IDE will be busy depends upon the size and number of projects you have open in your workspace and the options which you select. It is advisable to try to plan to run a batch while your IDE is not otherwise being used for development. Alternatively, a batch could be run in a separate instance of Eclipse open on a copy of your workspace.

batch wizard notice

Select the Run immediately if you would like the batch to run straight away in the Eclipse IDE, or deselect it if you intend to run the batch from the command line.

After pressing Finish the batch process will start if selected to. The console view will become visible so that you can monitor the progress of the batch.

output folder

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