Deploying batch results

As a batch completes its processing the final step it performs is to create a timestamped folder under the batch folder containing a single war file. The war file is always named agilej-class-diagrams.war.

To deploy the batch results copy this war file to the webapps folder of a running instance of Tomcat.

A batch deployed this way to a local instance of Tomcat may be accessed in a browser from the url:


Generating a sitemap

A sitemap is an XML file which guides search engines to index the complete set of generated class diagrams. To access the sitemap enter the url below into a browser:


Viewing the page source shows the xml text which then can be saved with the name sitemap.xml and submitted to a search engine. Note that for large projects it can take a few minutes for the server to generate the sitemap.

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AgileJ StructureViews is a plugin for Eclipse which generates UML class diagrams reverse engineered from Java source code.

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