Before you print a diagram it is worth checking how many pages will be spanned by your diagram. This depends upon the paper size in your printer, the resolution of your printer and the overall size of the diagram you wish to print.

AgileJ StructureViews has an option to display the page boundaries on the diagram before you print.

With the diagram open, right click on empty space, or select from the AgileJ main menu Printing Options...

printing options

Select how you would like your diagram to be scaled for printing and whether you would like the page boundaries to be displayed.

To print a diagram: open the diagram you want to print, make sure it has the focus by pressing its editor tab, then press the Eclipse print button on the toolbar. A print dialog, the exact format of which depends upon your operating system, will appear prompting you for information such as the number of copies to print, and which printer to send them to.

The diagram is split into pages, printed at a zoom matching the screen dimensions at 100% magnification. Pages are printed by-row; ie page 1 is at row 1 column 1, page 2 is at row 1 column 2 etc.

Show Page Boundaries: this action toggles display of a grid of red lines corresponding to page boundaries on the diagram on screen. Show Page Boundaries can be accessed from the AgileJ menu or by right clicking on empty pace on the diagram.

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AgileJ StructureViews is a plugin for Eclipse which generates UML class diagrams reverse engineered from Java source code.

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