Refreshing a Class Diagram

A class diagram refreshes automatically whenever:

  • it regains focus and finds that the source code has been modified
  • one or more types are manually added or removed
  • preference values are changed which affect how class diagrams are displayed
  • the configuration changes

However, it is still useful to be able to force a refresh to confirm the up-to-dateness of what is being displayed. The Refresh action can be invoked either by pressing the toolbar button, or selecting the Refresh option from the AgileJ menu or pressing F5.

Unresolved Classes

AgileJ StructureViews populates its diagram contents from the Eclipse Java Model. More specifically, given a fully qualified name and a project name the diagram editor attempts to resolve the type by making calls to the Eclipse JDT API. However, it may not be possible to resolve a type when:

  • The project which contains the definition of the type has been closed
  • The type has been deleted from your source code
  • The type has been renamed
  • The type has been moved to another package

When this happens, an empty type is shown on the class diagram and on the outline tree with a red question mark symbol.

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AgileJ StructureViews is a plugin for Eclipse which generates UML class diagrams reverse engineered from Java source code.

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