Containment Filters Tutorial

Creating a custom containment filter can be achieved by creating a new Eclipse plugin which implements the extension point com.agilej.model.api

  1. Switch to a new installation of Eclipse in a new workspace (to avoid a clash between working and deployed versions of your plugin)
  2. Install AgileJ StructureViews from the update site
  3. Do New - Project - Plugin Project
  4. Give your project a name such as MyJavaContainerTypes and click Next
  5. Deselect This plug-in will make contributions to the UI and click Next
  6. Deselect Create a plug-in using one of these templates
  7. Click Finish
  8. The Overview editor is shown
  9. Click the Dependencies tab
    containment dependencies screenshot
  10. Click the Add... button on the left
  11. From the plugin chooser dialog select org.eclipse.jdt.core
  12. Repeat for com.agilej.model.common and com.agilej.model.api
  13. Click the Extensions tab
    containment extensions
  14. Click Add...
  15. Select com.agilej.model.api
  16. Then right click on com.agilej.model.api
  17. Select New - Client
  18. Click Save (it is important to save or the next step will not work correctly)
  19. In the Extension Element Details click the class* link
  20. The New Java Class dialog opens. Accept the defaults by pressing Finish.
  21. A Java editor will open on the new skeleton class.

Implement your containment filter

An example implementation is shown in the next section of this userguide.


Exporting a custom Java Element Filter plugin

When you have implemented your containment filter click the Overview tab and use the Export Wizard to deploy your custom plugin to your main installation of Eclipse.

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