In Eclipse select Help - Install New Software

Copy the update site URL:

install eclipse

Two items are listed.

install uml

Read the license and if you are happy to proceed select 'I accept...'

install class diagram plugin


When the installation has finished, Eclipse will prompt you to restart.


After Eclipse has restarted you will see the welcome page indicating that AgileJ StructureViews is now installed. Close the Welcome page.


The About Eclipse dialog adds further confirmation that AgileJ StructureViews is installed. Click the AgileJ button to show the details.


If you see the following then AgileJ StructureViews has been successfully installed.


However, there is one more step before you can start making class diagrams. You need to enter your license key in the preference page. Your license key will have been emailed to you when you registered for evaluation, or when you purchased a key. Your details are displayed in green if the license key is valid and has not expired.


Unable to access AgileJ's update site

error contacting site

Update site location

A message similar to this may be shown if you have not entered the update site url correctly. Press Yes to edit and correct it.

Internet connection temporarily unavailable

The 'Error Contacting Site' message will also show if you lose your internet connection

Force Eclipse to check the update site again

Eclipse caches information about update sites, and it is often the case that after having corrected a problem such as your internet connection Eclipse will continue to show a site as unobtainable. Navigate to the Available Software Sites preference page and select the update site then press Reload - this will often clear the problem.

reload site

Proxy Settings

If you are behind a proxy check your Eclipse proxy settings which can be accessed by selecting

Window - Preferences - General - Network Connections

Using the archived update site

If you are still not able to install directly from the update site for any reason, then you can download an archive of our update site here:

then install from the downloaded archive.



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AgileJ StructureViews is a plugin for Eclipse which generates UML class diagrams reverse engineered from Java source code.

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